Our Goals

Most businesses start out with one or two main goals they hope to achieve along the journey to success. PoxyPros was established as a result of a desire to provide quality resinous epoxy coatings and garage organization systems at a competitive price keeping the customers 100 % satisfaction as the foundation on which all other aspects are built upon, including:

  • We utilize the best products in the industry, NOT products from home center stores.
  • We implement tried and true process control allowing for efficiency on each and every job.
  • We only use personnel that are adequately trained and certified with our product supplier and in the latest preparation and application techniques.
  • We use top of the line professional grinding, vacuum, and application equipment in preparing the surface to be coated.

Let's Work Together

PoxyPros recognizes your time is valuable, and we are hyper sensitive to meeting the needs of each and every customer by returning calls promptly, keeping initial appointments and showing up on time to provide an estimate at a competitive price, and, if awarded the job, we promise to stay on schedule and do a quality job safely, with no surprises along the way.

John’s professionalism, dedication and personal attention to his work and overall service adds to the great finished product they deliver. Our garage floor looks great and I highly recommend hiring John and his team.

Shaji A., 2019